Where Are We?

medium_4824389914The 2013-14 school year is long over now. Commencement has come and gone. But what of the DMCI. Well, after what has seemed like a full-time job of filling out paper work for getting payments out, I think I can say that the first half of the DMCI is behind us (some of you might owe me a little part of your project still. Right???).

So where are we again? This project has taught me a lot. Herding cats comes to mind for one 😉 It is very tough for people to carve out time to learn digital media, post on blogs, make videos, while holding down full-time jobs, or being full-time students. We have 14 official participants at this point. Some projects consist of multiple participants. Here’s the breakdown of the projects:

Janine Davis – Showcase video of students planning and delivering instruction
Maria Schultz, Amy Alexander – Video that visually traces the evolution of photo technology as well as the history of the institution
Hayley Todd – Documenting life at UMW
Carole Garmon (and crew – Ashley Smith, Travis Jarrells, Becky Brown) – Media Wall video to act as a “think tank” of sorts for students interested in media art
Marjorie Och – Project connects on-site archival study with online collaborative discoveries, and establishes connections that currently do not exist.
Jerry Slezak – Development of informal “communities of support” centered on particular aspects of facilities in the ITCC
Shannon Hauser – Creating content for the digital gallery, using materials from archives & special collections linking the history of campus buildings (developed by Michael Spencer) and the master plan
Ciara Peacock – Video to document student opinions on standardized testing and other programs initiated by the No Child Left Behind Act
Michael Morley – History of the Music department and its direct ties to the Fredericksburg community
Andrew Kraus – Video showing use of technology in the teaching and practice of making music

Here are a couple of project videos:

And one particularly interesting pitch video:

. . . And here’s a pitch video unlike any of the others:

Suffice is to say, there is a lot of potential here, and I look forward to when the participants can reconvene for the second half of the DMCI. I also look forward to getting into the ITCC and testing out the spaces and technology.

photo credit: mrwalker via photopin cc

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