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DMCI? Oh, I Remember That Thing

its alive

I know it’s been a while, and the opening of a new building is its own special kind of time suck, but the DMCI IS ALIVE. We still have funding for the second half of the program (we weren’t sure well into the start of the Fall 2014 semester). So here’s the deal. You all got the first half stipend/grant and if you would like to rekindle your ideas and produce the finished project, there is funding for the second half.

So what is the “second half”? Generally, it is your final project in a form that can be displayed on the Media Wall in the new Information and Technology Convergence Center (ITCC), or a resource that will help students, faculty, and staff in using the ITCC facilities. If you’re not familiar with the Media Wall it is a mostly silent video display on the 2nd/3rd floors of the ITCC. The intent is to display your project in a form that demonstrates what the ITCC will be helpful in creating. Some of you have projects that are more resource oriented, but we’d like to have a video that brings attention to your resource (when finished).

We have been slow in getting all the facilities up and running in the building, but I’m confident as we begin the Spring 2015 semester that most of the state-of-the-art equipment will be available for use to complete your projects – if you so choose to move forward with it.

I’d like to meet with any or all of you to see if you’re still interested. For those of you who are interested, we can have meetings to orient you to the ITCC facilities.

I apologize once again for the lack of communication. With budget issues, it was touch and go as to whether we could move forward – and then there was the ITCC. The deadline should be around the end of the semester (before commencement), but I’ll double check to make sure. Again, let me know how you feel, and we’ll go from there.

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Where Are We?

medium_4824389914The 2013-14 school year is long over now. Commencement has come and gone. But what of the DMCI. Well, after what has seemed like a full-time job of filling out paper work for getting payments out, I think I can say that the first half of the DMCI is behind us (some of you might owe me a little part of your project still. Right???).

So where are we again? This project has taught me a lot. Herding cats comes to mind for one 😉 It is very tough for people to carve out time to learn digital media, post on blogs, make videos, while holding down full-time jobs, or being full-time students. We have 14 official participants at this point. Some projects consist of multiple participants. Here’s the breakdown of the projects:

Janine Davis – Showcase video of students planning and delivering instruction
Maria Schultz, Amy Alexander – Video that visually traces the evolution of photo technology as well as the history of the institution
Hayley Todd – Documenting life at UMW
Carole Garmon (and crew – Ashley Smith, Travis Jarrells, Becky Brown) – Media Wall video to act as a “think tank” of sorts for students interested in media art
Marjorie Och – Project connects on-site archival study with online collaborative discoveries, and establishes connections that currently do not exist.
Jerry Slezak – Development of informal “communities of support” centered on particular aspects of facilities in the ITCC
Shannon Hauser – Creating content for the digital gallery, using materials from archives & special collections linking the history of campus buildings (developed by Michael Spencer) and the master plan
Ciara Peacock – Video to document student opinions on standardized testing and other programs initiated by the No Child Left Behind Act
Michael Morley – History of the Music department and its direct ties to the Fredericksburg community
Andrew Kraus – Video showing use of technology in the teaching and practice of making music

Here are a couple of project videos:

And one particularly interesting pitch video:

. . . And here’s a pitch video unlike any of the others:

Suffice is to say, there is a lot of potential here, and I look forward to when the participants can reconvene for the second half of the DMCI. I also look forward to getting into the ITCC and testing out the spaces and technology.

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Nice To Meet You

IMG_9443 copy_4x6

I have met with all of the participants of the Digital Media Commons Initiative (DMCI) and I can tell you I am pretty excited about the potential of the projects that have been proposed. I can also see the excitement in the participants as they talk about the possibilities of what we can create. From the very start, people were talking about possible collaborations with other groups, and in turn expanding their ideas into something possibly bigger.

Many of the participants I already know, but there were several, especially students, who I’d never met before. So without further ado, I present the 2014 DMCI Participants.

As we move forward we will link to the blogs that people will create so that they may reflect on how their project is moving forward. Send me the URL to your newly created blogs!

We are in the planning stage, so people are envisioning what their projects will look like. As we move forward, participants will need to:

  • Set up or use an existing personal domainGo to UMW Domains and sign-up for a domain (scroll until you see “START HERE”). Think about your domain name in the context of your identity. You may use your name or even a phrase, but whatever you choose must be available (the sign-up process for UMW Domains will tell you), and you’re stuck with it for a year even if you find you don’t like it. Think about it over a cup of coffee (or tea, soda, juice).
  • Make a “pilot” video that “pitches” your project (think Kickstarter) – Check out this Kickstarter project and watch the video for an example of how to sell your project. It does not have to be this “produced”. Make it simple for now (doing it on your webcam is fine).
  • Create a separate storyline called “The Making of (project name)” – I want to know, and the world wants to know, how you are going about creating your project. We want the behind-the-scenes look into how you are producing your vision.
  • Be mindful of the Information and Technology Convergence Center (ITCC) as this project moves forward – This initiative is about what the ITCC is going to do. It’s not here yet, but you’ll use similar equipment to what will be available when the building is finished. Keep in mind the potential of having a great space to collaborate and create.
  • Access individual space on the “MediaHub” media server – We’ll be using the UMW MediaHub to host the different forms of media that you’ll use in your projects. Accounts have been set up for DMCI participants.

If you have any questions, please let me know. You can send an email to arush at umw dot com.

It’s just the beginning.


UMW New Media Center website – General resource site for new media

Making Movies for YouTube – Basic instructions on how to get your video made using YouTube

YouTube Video Editor – Once you’ve uploaded videos, you can edit them further with this tool


photo credit: Nongbri Family Pix via photopin cc