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Let’s Talk Equipment

video soldier

The DMCI folks met for the second time yesterday. One of the things I am discovering is that the semester is taking it’s toll on everyone. Lots of stress about getting things done. We’ll try to manage that going forward, but that said, many participants are making some good progress.

So what to do about the stress? Well, when I’m stressed, I play with some toys. In this case, I am playing with some of the loan-out equipment that will eventually be available to UMW Community members in the ITCC. This is equipment that I would describe as “semi-professional”. It gets at creating professional looking productions with relatively inexpensive equipment. At this point I am playing with some toys that are pretty new to me. The best example is the GoPro camera kit.

As Shannon Hauser mentioned in our last meeting, it looks like a spy-cam. However, the most important part of this item is that not only does it allow for very high quality video, but it is so flexible in terms of where it can film. As I mention in the description of the camera on the New Media page, there are lots of examples of where this camera can go – on skiers helmetsbike helmetssurfboards, and even under water.


When this camera is combined with something like the Steadicam Smoothee that we also have available for loan-out, you can get some interesting video from some dynamic perspectives.

The rest of the equipment includes some various microphones, video cameras, audio recorders, etc., that will be added to the Equipment category on the New Media site. I’m hoping to include some of your user feedback of this stuff in terms of how you used it and troubles that you might have run into.

That’s it for now. Keep your chin up. Finish the semester strong. Call on me if you need any assistance with your projects. Oh and try to have some fun. Make sure to take time to play!

photo credit: Travis Gray via photopin cc